FNX tokens are live on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Wanchain, existing in ERC20, BEP20 and WRC20 forms.

FNX ERC20 contract address: 0xeF9Cd7882c067686691B6fF49e650b43AFBBCC6B

FNX BEP20 contract address: 0xdfd9e2a17596cad6295ecffda42d9b6f63f7b5d5

FNX WRC20 contract address: 0xc6f4465a6A521124c8E3096b62575C157999d361

FNX WRC20→ERC20 lockup address on Wanchain: 0xe6b46d267aD4fcD37DA71530E0fAf46EbE57f048 (This is for the temporary bridge from Wanchain to Ethereum)

FNX ERC20→BEP20 bridge: A decentralized bridge is provided by Wanchain through here