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How to Stake FPT and Mine FNX

This guide was drafted with the last UI before March 2021, the mining logic remains the same while the UI appears to be a bit different from the current live one. We will update the guide once the new calculator is online. Thanks for your understanding.

Part 1: Provide Liquidity to Get FPT

1) Go to and choose the blockchain you plan to mine on from the top left of the page

2) Click “Connect Wallet” on the top right to connect wallet

Notes: If you already supplied liquidity and already have FPT tokens, skip straight to Part 2


4) Click “Select Asset” and choose the asset you want to deposit from the drop-down menu


6) Input the amount you want to deposit and click “NEXT”, and then “CONFIRM”

7) Complete the transaction in your browser extension wallet

8) After the transaction is confirmed on chain, your FinNexus Pool token (FPT) will be shown here.

Click “MINE NOW” to begin the mining process:

Part 2: Stake FPT to Mine FNX

1) Click the asset you wish to stake

2) Enter the amount of FPT to stake and click “NEXT”

When you deposit FPT-FNX you may choose a lock period to boost your rewards

3) Complete the transaction when your browser extension wallet pops up

4) After the transaction is confirmed on chain, your data about mining will be shown here.

You can increase the amount of FPT you are staking in order to mine more FNX. See this link for instructions.

Below is an explanation of the fields in the mining calculator you can find on the mining page: