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How to Mine FNX on FPO

This is an operating manual about how to mine on FPO, by providing liquidity in the pools. A detailed guide on how to max the APY is introduced here.

1) Go to and choose the blockchain you plan to mine on from the top left of the page.

2) Click “Connect Wallet” on the top right to connect your wallet.

3) Click “MINE”.

4) Click “Selected Pool" and choose the asset you want to deposit from the drop-down menu.

5) Click “STAKE AND MINE” to provide liquidity in the pool.

6) Input the amount you want to deposit and click “NEXT”, and then “CONFIRM”. The FPT (FinNexus Pool Share Token) you can get will be automatically shown in the window.

7) You may also try the "Best Rewards Mining" button to get the max rewards. BTW, you can input any amount in the box to find the best combination of FNX and stablecoins. This function will optimize the reward in a single step.

8) Complete the transaction in your browser extension wallet. A transaction of approval for spending the relating asset may be needed for the first FPO interaction.

9) After the transaction is confirmed on chain, your APY will be shown here.

10) If you are not using the "Best Rewards Mining" mentioned above, you may need to manually stake some FNX to maximize the rewards. A detailed guide on how to max the APY is introduced here. By clicking "Stake More FNX" button, you will be led to this page.

11) Choose the amount of FNX you want to stake and the lock time period. Please note that the longer you lock FNX, the higher boosting factor you can get. After the transaction is processed on chain, you can check your mining details as follows on the same page.

12) Please feel free to use the mining calculator here and try different combinations.

13) After staking, you may check the staked position and rewards on the "asset" page at the bottom.

14) cFNX as the mining reward is accumulated automatically and you can claim the cFNX to your address anytime.

As far as CFNX is concerned, please remember:

  • CFNX is a convertible form of FNX, created for vesting purposes.
  • CFNX tokens can be claimed anytime as a voucher for mining rewards.
  • CFNX tokens are transferable on the market.
  • CFNX can be transferred to FNX at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Once sent to the conversion contract, CFNX will be burnt and ⅙ FNX can be claimed monthly in 6 months.