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How to buy options on FPO v1.0

Video Guide:

1) Go to and choose the blockchain from the top left of the page

2) Click “Connect Wallet” on the top right. It is recommended to use Metamask/Wanwallet for Ethereum/Wanchain transactions.

3) Select the options' underlying asset

4) Customize your options with your desired terms. For example, if you are choosing ETH options, find and choose/type in the options type, size, strike price, expiration and payment that may suit your needs.

5) The options price is shown in the 'cost' column below

6) Press 'confirm' if you are okay with all the options terms and it will direct you to the order page.

7) Press 'confirm' to buy the options and it will direct you to the payment procedure. Spending approval may be needed.

8) After confirming transactions in your wallet, you may need to wait for the pending transactions to be processed on-chain. The waiting time depends on the gas paid for the transaction fee and the current network conjunctions.

9) When transactions are done, you can find your options on the 'options' page.

10) You can choose to exercise your options anytime before expiration by pressing the 'EXERCISE' button, when options are in the money, provided it has passed the one-hour chill time.

11) After pressing the 'EXERCISE' button, a pop-up will show the details of the settlement. By confirming the transaction, it will be processed on-chain.

12) After exercising, the options will be shown on the 'TX HISTORY' page.